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Australian Police Recruitment in SL

The Western Australian (WA) police department has entered the virtual fray with a new three-month trial recruiting drive in Second Life, according to a Western Australian newspaper.

Citing the large number of people populating virtual worlds, the WAPD decided to meet technology head on.

“Some people may think it’s far fetched but the virtual world is accessed by millions of people worldwide every day,” said Gary Dreibergs of the WAPD.

Metaverse Journal visited the virtual pavilion, called Step Forward, and offered its review, calling the island ‘attractive and functional’ but noting a serious lack of personnel presence.

But Metaverse also noticed a unit on the pavilion called the Retired Medically Unfit WA Police Officers Forum. In Western Australia, medically unfit retired police officers receive no benefits and no emotional support. This group was organized to bring awareness to this issue, but is also taking advantage of the understaffed pavilion to communicate positions that may be in conflict with the official police operations.

Interestingly, the original article did not make note of the forum, but did quote Dreilbergs as saying that users acting inappropriately would be removed with “three clicks.” One can’t help but wonder the type of … uh… policing… the police recrutment center is subject to.


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