Education in Virtual Worlds: Where It’s Headed (Today at Orange Island)

Today kicks off two days of panels at Orange Island on education in virtual worlds. I’ve been asked to share my thoughts on “Education in Virtual Worlds: Where Do We Stand?” to kick things off.

“Virtual worlds (and especially Second Life) are being touted as choice platforms for innovative learning. Following the 3D TLC Conference and the Libraries, Education and Museums Conference in Second Life, we’ll be exploring the practical uses of virtual worlds in education-related projects, with a focus on experience feedback.”

Today’s line-up:

10 am SLT: Open discussion with Dusan Writer: ‘Education in virtual worlds, where do we stand?’
Speaker: Doug Thompson (SL: Dusan Writer) (Metanomics, Remedy Communications)
Hosts: Nick Rhodes & Yesterday Demain

11.30 am SLT: Sleep is for babies: Friendly scheduling, cohesion across international date/time lines
Speakers: Viv Trafalgar (Aether Salon, Armada-Breakaway sim), DreddPirateBob Streeter (Preston College, Armada-Breakaway sim)
Host: Nick Rhodes

1.00 pm SLT: OpenHabitat, using multi-user virtual environments in higher education
Speakers: David White, Oxford University (SL: Wawrick Donat) – Ian Truelove, Leeds Metropolitan University (SL: Cubist Scarborough)
Host: Nick Rhodes

2.00 pm SLT: MUVEnation, training teachers for multi-user virtual environments
Speakers: Margarita Pérez García, MENON Network EEIG (Belgium) (SL: Paz Lorenz) & Dr Steven Warburton, King’s College London (SL: StevenW Bohm)
Host: Nick Rhodes

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