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Startled Cat: Launch of Immersive Storytelling Studio

Stories wanted. People who have a need for stories. People who like stories. People who wish they were in a story. OK, everyone is wanted!

So come on down….my company has just launch a joint venture, Startled Cat, and I can’t help doing a little self-promotional spinning around and waving my arms to get your attention.

Startled Cat is the perfect fit with the broader work we do at Remedy in brand strategy and social, mobile and immersive media. By launching Startled Cat, we’ve got ourselves a studio focused on the evolving and specific discipline of immersive story and its use to facilitate change, community and engagement.

I’ll let the stunning and fascinating press release speak for itself.

Awakening the Storyteller In Each of Us To Meet the Challenges of A New Frontier
Startled Cat Studio to Help Companies, Communities and Causes

Create Deep Customer Engagement Based on Immersive, Interactive Stories

Toronto (June 1, 2010) – Real-world change made possible through immersive storytelling – that’s the goal of Startled Cat, a new production company established this week by leaders in virtual world development, broadcast and film production, education, and branding. With the launch of Startled Cat, the company is setting out to be a global leader in fostering talent and creating immersive stories that facilitate positive change.

Startled Cat, dubbed a “Studio for Immersive Storytelling,” will immediately launch with a portfolio of turn-key products, tools and programming for immersive environments. The goal is to provide brands, enterprise and cause marketers with vehicles for creating deep engagements with customers and stakeholders, and to use the power of story to facilitate lasting change.

Read the full release.

And then hang tight. I’ll get all meta and conceptual about the virtues of story soon enough.


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