IdeaCity Event in Second Life: Spirituality, Space and Media

IdeaCity is the “Ted Talks of Canada”. Held once a year, it brings together global thought leaders to explore a range of themes and topics.

You can attend IdeaCity in Second Life. The first day was today and there are two days left in the event. Visit the Metanomics Web site for more details on how to attend.

This year, in addition to selling $4,000/per person tickets to the live event, you can also attend virtually in Second Life. At 2,000 Lindens per day, not a bad deal, in spite the collapse of the Linden currency (hey, why cash it out at those rates when you can attend IdeaCity instead!)

For tomorrow only, we’ll also be refunding the full admission price for one of every five attendees. You will receive your refund directly from myself and is our gesture of thanks for supporting the spread of ideas. :)

Tomorrow, Thursday, IdeaCity really has a pretty stellar line-up. The morning sessions cover Spirtuality and Ethics & the Environment. The afternoon covers Exploration and Space and Media. All of them fall under the broader umbrella theme of the conference, which is Women.

A few of the highlight speakers (all times are Eastern Standard Time):

8:30 – 10:30 Spirituality
Margaret Somerville, Ethicist, heading the Centre for Medicine, Ethics, and Law
Erna Paris, Political Writer
Anne Graham Lotz, Author & Bible Teacher

11:30 – 2:00 Ethics and the Environment
Erika Ritter, Author of Human-Animal Relationships
Cleo Paskal, Environmental Change Advocate
Tracy Worcester, Local Food Campaigner

3:00 – 5:30 Exploration and Space
Jane Poynter, Biospherian & Author
Liv Arnesen, First Woman to ski solo to South Pole
Edna DeVore, Deputy CEO and the Director of Education and Public Outreach at the SETI Institute

6:20 – 8:30 Media and the Message
Faith Popcorn, Futurist, Author, Founder & CEO of BrainReserve
Margaret Atwood, Canadian Literary Icon
Alex Cuba


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