Second Life

SLCC Keynote Presentation – and, Second Life Steam?

More to come on the Second Life Community Convention….but first a copy of my presentation slides as I’ve had a few requests:

To watch the presentation (the slides might not make sense without it) you can view an archive of the live stream which is split in two parts: the first part includes Philip’s keynote and my presentation starts at about 2:30:00, and the second part which is the remainder of my rambling.

While I’ve got you – Philip mentioned that Second Life will soon have regular (weekly) updates to the main viewer and that these would be “shipped” using an auto-updater. Does anyone have an opinion on whether using something like Steam makes sense as an alternate distribution platform for Second Life and its updates?

More thoughts to follow on my SLCC experience. I feel like I have a month’s worth of blogging because of it. And for those who I met at SLCC let me say what an insanely amazing pleasure it was.


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