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Team-Building Virtual Platform

Finnish company TeamingStream has developed a team-building, leadership training game targeted to the corporate learning industry that was launched in December of 2008, according to the Metaverse Journal.

Novicraft is a collaborative game developed by learning scientists, human resource development specialists, and serious game developers.

Emphasizing the collaborative tools of the game, TeamingStream CEO, Petri Ahokangas, told Metaverse that, “In a nutshell, all major challenges of the modern workplace have been modeled to the game and can be practiced in a safe environment in a cost effective way. NoviCraft is not a simulation, it is real collaboration between people which makes it very effective as a learning tool.”

The game is “pedagogically scripted,” using five levels to teach participants about “collaboration, team learning, negotiation, and leadership.”

More about the NoviCraft product can be found here, where you can see a trailer that shows people using the program.

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