Blog Search Terms: David Hockney Gets a Prim Composer

I think it was ArminasX who put me on to the game of glancing at the search terms that people use to find this blog and so every now and then I see if anything interesting is popping up or what the trends might be. The stand-bys, for this blog anyways, all seem to be related to rendering and builds: ambient occlusion, megaprims, Second Life dynamic shadows….stuff like that, about which I typically write in a sort of round-about way, usually related to third party developer tools like 3DS or Maya or whatever.

For some reason David Hockney is the number two search term after “dusan writer” based on a piece I wrote some time ago that wasn’t really about David Hockney at all but rather a longer post about the 3DTLC conference in which I said that Microsoft’s Photosynth was kind of like a Hockney painting.

Another top search term is “Second Life Avatar Tracker” which returns a post I wrote about the potential to track an avatar location anywhere on the Grid by hacking the viewer. (Find the post yourself, it wasn’t meant to be an instruction manual but rather a cautionary tale).

But I thought I’d share a few of my favorites. Don’t ask me which posts these terms link you to – for most of them, I can’t figure it out or can’t be bothered doing a reverse Google or whatever it is you do.

So for your Friday night amusement, (and thanks for indulging this slightly navel-gazing exercise) here are some of the ways that folks find this blog (the numbers in brackets are the number of times the search term resulted in a site visit, just to show you these aren’t one-offs, and are counts for the last month):

- “New York Times” – um, you might want to try http://www.nytimes.com/ (147)
- “Sex at home” – there are probably more refined search terms you could try (83)
- “Final Fantasy advent children” – um….anyone have a clue? I have no idea or I’ve forgotten about a post along the way (75)
- Mars (119)
- “Tracking people second life” (10)
- “Second Life privacy” – see “Tracking people second life” (9)
- “Second Life avatar tracker” (7)
- “Second Life track avatar” (7)
- And about a half dozen variations – (48)
- “Blue Mars Sex” – what, already? (6)
- “How to make mega prims” (and variations) (32)
- “Second Life business model” – um, there is one? (4)
- “Jon Himoff + history” – cool, someone’s doing due diligence (3)
- “OpenSim sex” (3)
- “Second Life x-rated” (3)
- “Immersive disorder” (2)
- “blink 3D Clive Jackson” – um (2)

And my favorite:

- “Difference between duality and strange loops” (2)

So, it looks like I’ve got a bunch of posts to come on how to hack the Second Life viewer so that you can track avatars for sex while rendering the mega prim bed with ambient occlusion.

As for Jon Himoff, I’ve said enough.


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