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SLE Applications – What’s Needed?

So, I ran a little User Voice test at the bottom of a blog post a few weeks back asking you to contribute ideas and to vote on applications that would make sense if packaged up with Second Life Enterprise. It was a fun little exercise although not exactly a massive wave of responses.

A few probable reasons: having to leave this blog for another site is too painful. You’re working on a killer app for SLE and don’t want to let us in on the secret. Or, most probably of all – who cares anyways. :)

But I am interested in knowing what makes sense for virtual worlds in enterprise: if you had to sell virtual worlds to your boss how would you sell them? And what applications or tools would you need other than being able to log in an avatar and make stuff?

So if you feel like adding to the list, hop on by. So far data visualization and Yammer integration came out on top.


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