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iPad App Gives Access to Second Life Functionality

Wagner James Au is a fan of Pocket Metaverse, the Second Life app for the iPhone created by those known as Edward Magic and Robot Core (among others) in-world. Pocket Metaverse (a list of its features can be found here) has been retooled for the iPad, and James Au recently wrote about the app on his New World Notes blog.

The iPad is an impressive device: expensive, but impressive. Its main feature is of course its larger, high resolution screen, and James Au notes that this is a main attraction of the new app:

The much larger iPad screen turns the (iPhone) experience from an eye-scrunching, finger-pinching pain into something grand: A virtual world that spreads out beneath your fingertips…the UI experience changes our relationship to the data, making it tactile, and intuitive.

But it’s not just the big screen that makes Second Life pop and fizz: your inventory also benefits from the new interface, noting that a large list now “seems much less daunting.” He then goes on to presume that if iPads gain greater sales figures, the use of the SL app should, naturally, increase. Read James Au’s entry to see photos of the app on the iPad here.

(Full disclosure: Remedy Communications is an iPad developer working on projects that integrate data across social, mobile and immersive media. So cool stuff on the iPad helps us too).



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