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Geeky Goodness: The Sexy Crazy World of Research Accounting

On the most recent episode of Metanomics I interviewed none other than Robert Bloomfield himself for an in-depth discussion of economic theory, virtual economies and why people sometimes make stupid economic decisions. (OK, I’m not sure we actually talked about that, but if you listen hard enough I’m sure you’ll hear it).

In the very last minute of the show, news filtered in about the raise in prices for non-profits and educational users of Second Life and we briefly touched on it.

As a side note, this is a “like clockwork” thing for Metanomics – invariably in the middle of a show there’s some new post from the Lab and we lose our audience to a separate discussion. Maybe the Lab thinks that with everyone at Metanomics no one will notice the news?

Please remember that this coming TUESDAY, we’re pleased to host Noam Chomsky as our guest. With his high profile, we should expect another announcement from the Lab in the last 15 minutes of the show, so keep your Twitter feed open!


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