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Domino’s fulfills Virtual Pizza Craving?

Domino’s Pizza has established a presence in SL, but one that is a work in progress, judging by comments from the company’s IT director, Jane Kimberlin.

According to

Dominos will eventually have a presence in Second Life but Kimberlin is conscious of the need to make sure the blurring between reality and fiction is very clear in that arena. If customers order a real pizza, while they are in Second Life, it needs to be made obvious to them they are getting a real pizza.

For those looking for a pizza in the more immediate future, the company has made a significant investment in ordering through SMS. As a result of this and other technology investments, online sales increased dramatically in 2007.

The magic circle is clearly gone. What’s unclear, is whether Dominos plans to deliver the pizza to the person or the avatar.

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