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Another Entry for 3D Chat

Everyone wants to go 3D, and the number of applications promising an enhanced social experience by giving you access to a virtual living room, club, or lounge continues to grow.

Now there’s Twinners which is given the once over by Killer StartUps:

Twinners is a 3D online community with chat, TV, and mobile integration. The sets are mostly posh looking lounges and bars, or tropical beaches and other such stylish locales. There are several version of Twinners 3D chat available—Twinners’ light which requires no 3D plugins and works across browsers and operating systems; Twinners’ medium which requires installation of a Quest 3D plugin—this version allows for full camera control; and finally there’s the full package which comes with high definition full screen. Within the chat users can manipulate their avatars into various poses (the in love pose, angry pose, failed salto, karate kick, etc). There are dance moves as well, including the amusing Macarena, and Russian Dance. The site has a separate dating section, although many components are geared for attracting and meeting the opposite sex. For fun, you’ve got an arcade with all sorts of games. The site also offers goodies for your mobile phone such as ringtones, backgrounds and games.

And there you have it - everything you’re seeing in applications ranging from Scenecaster to Vivaty to Metaplace:

- The ability to create your own content
- The ability to interact with others in a little mini 3D world
- Alternate “light” (Flash or browser-based) clients in addition to full clients with 3D camera control
- Socializing
- Games


I love Twinners line about “discretely meet new people” - it really makes it sound like an escort service, which maybe is the point. There’s always an element of cyber dating to so called social sites. (Why doesn’t someone go for a different demographic - needlepoint for seniors or something - is there ONE site that’s aimed above the coveted 30 and under demographic?)

But like those first days of the Internet gold rush it’s all about the “eyeballs”, about first mover advantage, and about having a compelling enough idea to stick.

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