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Rosedale to speak at Tech Virtual Workshop in San Jose

Philip Rosedale will deliver a keynote at the Summit on Digital Democracy in Exhibit Design, hosted by the Tech Virtual Museum Workshop in San Jose on June 4th.

The Tech Virtual Museum is a place where folks are building art exhibit prototypes. The goal is to build a working example of an exhibit or museum space in Second Life before actually constructing it in real life. It is a great example of online collaboration covered under the Creative Commons Attribution license. Hopefully, a majority of the kinks of exhibit-building can be worked out beforehand, and a whole slew of real-life headaches can be avoided in this way.

The best prototype exhibits will be mounted at the Tech Museum in San Jose. The museum is hosting a series of exhibits based on the workshops called the Art, Film & Music exhibit that will explore Silicon Valley’s contribution to the arts. These exhibits will even win cash prizes of up to $5,000 each!

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