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Metanomics Monday: Virtual Goods – Acquisitions, Implications and Opportunities

Bobroff Show

The virtual goods industry has broken out of games and Silicon Valley and increasingly has the interest of mainstream companies and Wall Street. Michael Bobroff, who cut his teeth on the emerging markets in Russia in the 90s has brought his talents to assessing the virtual goods industry, and will be discussing his take with Robert Bloomfield on Metanomics this coming Monday.

I’m particularly interested in his opinion that the virtual goods industry is ready for larger companies to get a foothold into the market through acquisitions.

It’s worth noting the day – Metanomics has moved to Mondays, although we made an exception for Noam Chomsky.

For more info on the coming show, visit the Metanomics Web site and join us on Monday, October 18th at noon SLT.

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